Loma vs Lopez will showcase who indeed will become the lineal lightweight champion at 135. This is by far one of the best fights to date in a COVID filled 2020 year. An intense head-to-head filled fake bravado (Lopez’s camp) vs true skills (Loma’s camp) and grandeur delusions (Lopez’s camp) on where they really stand on the landscape of the lightweight division. The Lopez’s in a recent documentary came up with an emotional excuse prior to their epic faux pas when the Super Duper Hype Job loses come Oct 17th. I mean he has a puncher’s chance right? Anything can happen in boxing! But with Loma’s full Hi-Tech attention fixated upon a kid who has “One-Gear” and telegraphs his punches and looks for the knockout this will spell a recipe for disaster. We will be seeing all over again the Nakatani fight like the pic below indicates but way, way worse. A No Mas KO/TKO stoppage.

Andre Ward to Teofimo Lopez: “Knockouts will not sustain you!”

Both boxers are literally a 180 degrees on the opposite spectrum in terms of both in style and personality, who’s comprehensiveness will allow them to make history with their name into the division’s rich former glory? Here are few things to ponder before the sound of the bell:  At 5 ft 7 in, Lomachenko is at the cap of his boxing weight class of 135 any higher for him i.e. 140, etc he will ultimately be exposed but it won’t be by Lopez who is a roughshod gambler in the ring. Loma is a perfect 4-0 at 135 — all by way of finishing off his opponents! Which is something that is clearly forgotten by Loma detractors who fail to believe that he too can also stop this “Super Duper Hype Job! ” At 130, it was evident that Loma was indeed more dominant in that prior weight class.  Now entering his fifth bout as a lightweight, questions are looming and now being asked of his size and stature coming up against the biggest, brashest puncher he’s faced in the division?

“He’s on the way out of the sport and 135 is just too big,” Lopez said told DAZN this past week, building on the ‘Super Duper Hype Job’ narrative that Lomachenko is well out of his comfort zone. But did Lopez not watch Loma’s previous four victories at this weight class? Vasiliy has still been able to operate at the Hi-Tech level at 135 pounds, despite some bumps and bruises along the way. If getting floored by Jorge Linares and dazzed by Luke Campbell are notable blemishes and spots on Lomachenko’s 135 resume, he emphatically found the an immediate clapback in flooring and stopping the Venezuelan; dropping Jose Pedraza not once but twice; making Anthony Crolla bend the proverbial knee to the canvas twice via a 4th Rd KO stoppage, and flooring Campbell late in a fight he won comfortably on the cards. Lopez’s Hi-Tech attacks carry real power and Teofimo Lopez better take heed or he will understand this very, very well on Oct 17th!

His left hook changes up velocities throughout a fight and it has crippled previous opponents, and his overhand right is lethal. So Loma vs Lopez is more so about what Lopez can bring to the table. Not what we already know about Loma which is under the bright lights he has a 75% threshold winning percentage! Whereas Lopez infamously said after the Masayoshi Nakatani fight, “Dad no more taller fighters, I think I going to quit boxing because of social media pressure, urrrrrrruuuuhhhhh!” Lopez has to show and prove that he has more to offer then a puncher’s chance i.e. (knockouts). Like Andre Ward said, “knockouts will not sustain you!” A lot of what Lomachenko does he does well — does to near perfection — negates notable artillery landing in riposte, despite giving away physical advantages. But Loma’s one weakness is his backfoot is literally shit! This is how the aforementioned boxers had marginal success against him.

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis can literally ‘Tank’ Loma! These are coldhearted, unadulterated and cutthroat truth telling fashion realities! Outside of Tank and his Mike Tyson meets Roy Jones package sprinkled in with Floyd Mayweather’s pull counter ability no one else can definitively beat Loma and that’s Lopez included. Lopez’s best chance of testing Lomachenko’s worth at the deeper end of the lightweight pool will be working the body. The issue is Lopez isn’t disciplined enough to do so! Plus he hasn’t been taught to fight this way. If the younger man can lean, pull, rough Loma up and fire off aggressive combos in the pocket, it makes you think of Salido’s flashbacks this may lead to chinks in the Hi-Tech’s armor. This issue once again is Lopez also isn’t as awkward of a fighter that Salido once was so in any event because of these limits to his boxing mechanics, this is why Loma will ‘No Mas’ 10th KO/TKO Stoppage Lopez according to HKHS’s ultimate prediction of this bout. After all Loma did say, “Teofimo Lopez is a speedbump, I’m not impressed. I want to collect all of the belts against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis!” It’s because in all honesty Loma sees Tank as his only peer like competitor at 135. 

Lomachenko is one of the most mobile and athletic champions the sport has seen in recent years, making champion after champion stumble, miss, struggle and quit; Lopez will need to force these lapses in the guard of the pound-for-pound star, rather than waiting. With experience comes knowledge. Despite Loma’s extra years of hard, gruelling graft, the takeaways from fourteen world title fights in three weight classes are priceless. Behind closed doors caveats and anomalies aside, Loma has consistently delivered at the very top table in the sport, whereas Lopez has only just taken his seat.  

Father and Son Dynamic Duo: This is what a Father & Son combination should be!

“Greatness Personification can only be hindered, it can’t be stopped!”

Anatoly Lomachenko never tried like Teofimo Lopez Sr to P-Diddy his son! Be all up his presses stunting and doing all the talking. He has let his son be who is the actual boss and take the lead position to determine how he wants to run his boxing career. All Anatoly has ever done which is what you expect from a trainer is push his son for ‘Greatness Personification.’ This has paid of dividends for the Lomachenckos but it won’t for the Lopez’s on Oct 17th. What you will see is a Father & Son Duo in the (Lomachenckos) that are in sync while the others i.e. the (Lopezs) will be all out of wits as they will learn the cardinal rule of why like ‘Meek Mill” says, “There’s levels to this shit!” 

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