On the subject of auditory perception of the current, and apparently groundless, claim that Tyson Fury purposefully used loaded gloves to dent Deontay Wilder’s head – in their February run it back, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman has come out to call it all hogwash — which appreared to be the overall consensus of the populace i.e. (Gypsy King fanboys) way of seeing things!

“It’s ridiculous. It’s difficult to understand. I was present in both fights, I was in the dressing room, in both fights. Both Wilder and Fury dressing room. “One was in California, the other one was in Nevada. In both cases there were at least three inspectors, in each dressing room.”

After Sulaiman continued by saying that he was present both before and after the fight (which was later deduced as a lie according to actual locker room footage which stated the contrary) and saw Fury’s hand wraps in person, he went on to say there was not a thing distrustful without specification, before mourning the effort to smear Fury’s big win (you mean Glove Gate win).

“It’s very sad, because to try and take away something from a huge victory, one of the greatest nights of the sport in the century, to try and put a blemish on that event, is so irresponsible, and so stupid. It should not be given any consideration.”

You catch that, Marsellos?! No thought! In the meantime Fury and Wilder must soon be receiving an official date for their thrice meeting, expected to happen by year’s end. Which later has been confirmed as Dec 19, 2020!

The bottomline is that Mauricio Sulaiman isn’t qualified to say what is or what isn’t hogwash as he so-called phrased it! Mauricio has promoted both Canelo Alvarez and Vasiliy Lomachenko to a WBC Franchise Belt Tag aka French Fry Belt! To duck the likes of a Jermall Charlo and Devin Haney. Also this same Sulaiman has allowed Franchon Crews-Dezurn to enter the ring with an opponent in Alejandra Jimenez whose sexual preference has been called into question many times leading up to the fight and thereafter. This same opponent later tested positive for failing a drug test that saw Crews-Dezurn resinstated later on as the titlest once again. Lastly, Sulaiman has legalized Clenbuterol for Canelo Alvarez which saw him have an unfair and distinct advantage against his then light heavyweight opponent in Sergey Kovalev who desperately needed the money in a $12 MIllion Dollar payday due to him owing money to mobsters in his own country. This WBC President’s words on cheating is shoddy at best!” -HKHS

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