Errol Spence Jr. is all about supporting his own and not fighters from other nations. Especially, when the adversary is a fighter from the fan’s own nation. To a great extent, he is not satisfied with how a large portion of the US populace is getting behind Tyson Fury over Deontay Wilder.

Tyson Fury has signed a deal with the Bob Arum’s US promotional company Top Rank. For that reason, his last four bouts have all been in the United States of America. The most recent of the four fights came in February near the beginning of this year. “The Gypsy King’s”overwhelming support for the Brit was easily noticeable in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The IBF & WBC welterweight champ finds it alarming that supporters from the US chose to fan from fighters from across the pond, i,.e. (UK). etc. He likened it to the attitude of fans from the UK who always get behind their own fighters. Spence demands the self-same behavior from the US fans as well.

Errol Spence Jr. says he will always support his countryman Deontay Wilder

Spence talked to Brian Custer on the Last Stand podcast. He was very transparent about who he will get behind in the trilogy fight of Wilder vs Fury. The Unified Welterweight Champ remembers how he was ‘mean-mugged’ during his fight versus the U.K.’s Kell Brook in 2017 in England. Therefore, he will support “The Bronze Bomber”, no matter how weightily preferred Fury is.

“I’m always going to root for my countryman just like they always root for their guy from the UK,” said Errol Spence Jr. “He’s [Deontay Wilder] the hometown guy, he’s the American kid. That’s what I don’t like either. I don’t like how the American guys are rooting for Tyson Fury and he’s from the UK when all the UK guys are going for their guy.”

Fury has formed a fanbase in the US because of his boisterous & braggadocios personality. Even but though Wilder’s personality has resonated more with boxing fans in the US. Fury has been the fighter more have gravitated to due Spence’s comment stated above. Apart from this, Fury’s performance in the two fights against Wilder have both fighters’ popularity soaring more then ever before. Spence Jr.’s astute assessment below of Wilder vs Fury showcases a systemic issue that US fight fans have showcased over the years that goes way beyond boxing.

“All the boxers are going for Tyson Fury and all the fans are going for Tyson Fury. We’ve got people here that have got split support. A lot of Americans are going for Tyson Fury. I don’t like that a lot,” Spence said.

Leave it to Errol Spence to always stand up for what he believes in. True Alphas do this all of the time! They take a stand and they double down on that bad boy with both confidence and fortitude. This is what like a Tom Ross TV says, he truly “separated the weak from the 💪🏾.” Also as HKHS would vehemently state, Errol Spence “keeps the 🦶🏾 on the Necksss.”

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