Top Rank promoter Bob Arum hopes to have welterweight world titlist Terence Crawford back in the ring in September or October and recently named four potential opponents in fellow titleholder Manny Pacquiao, former titleholders Shawn Porter and Kell Brook and longtime contender Yordenis Ugas.

Brook is anxious to land the fight. But will he get the fight since this is his 6th time calling out Terence Crawford. There is some serious “Duck Tales” going on. If one is using his/her thinking cap. It appears that Terence Crawford resigned with Top Rank to run away from the upper echelon in the welterweight division.

Leaving Errol Spence to all all the heavyweight lifting so Terence Crawford can meet him at the end. There are too many high quality opponents Bud can fight to help build the Superfight of Ages (Spence vs Crawford). Crawford’s relutance to fight Brook and Ugas showcases a lack of belief in himself to compete with the very elite in this division. There is what Bob is saying and there is what is actually happening! Boxing fans are noticing this and calling Terence Crawford out for his comfortable reluctance.

“I am very interested in the Crawford fight as are my team,” Brook told on Wednesday. “It’s a genuine proper fight and will capture the imagination of the transatlantic audience. It’s been a testing time for all of us globally during the coronavirus pandemic and when (major) boxing does return, with the safety aspect being paramount, it’s big nights like these that the fans will crave and get the fans excited. I’m the strongest and best boxer he will have faced and once I beat him, he can have a rematch and we can always do it all over again in England.”

“Making 147 is something Terence and all these American fighters seem to love to ask me to do when it’s put on their toes: ‘Would you fight Kell Brook?’ Tell Kell Brook to make weight,’” Brook said. “It’s fine though. It shows me they respect my ability and take some sort of comfort from convincing themselves it might not happen.

“I boxed in February. I’ve been ticking over during lockdown and I’m back in the boxing gym training. By the fall time, I’ll be more than ready. I will make the weight. Then I’ll make the wait worthwhile! 147 and strong on them scales and then stood right in front of Terence Crawford, in that center of the ring, ready to dance under all of them lights! Let’s get it done!”

“Kell Brook is a problem only because of the travel ban. I can’t book a fighter from the U.K. because (President Donald) Trump has shut down all travel for non U.S. residents. So how do I get Kell Brook over here? I don’t now how to do it. But if Kell Brook can tell me how he can get over here then he would go to the top of the list. Conversely, how can I get Crawford over to the U.K.? Kell Brook is certainly a very interesting opponent for Crawford.

“With Porter the problem is how do you raise the money for a fight like that? Ugas wouldn’t cost as much but that fight wouldn’t mean as much. Kell Brook, all things being equal, if there wasn’t a travel ban and Kell Brook could come over here he would be the leading guy.”

Brook said he was looking forward to sitting down with Arum in March and was disappointed the meeting could not take place but that he still very much wants to challenge Crawford.

Sounds like a necessary excuse that Bob Arum would give for Kell Brook to indeed hide Terence Crawford from Kell Brook! Because the “Triangle Theory” in boxing would hold true here. How can Bud hold up against Kell Brook? Because Spence made him bend the proverbial knee in the 11th Round via “Boyz II Men” status! Kell Brook is heavy especially for being a welterweight and both Bob and Bud don’t know if Bud has enough power or sting to keep “Special K” off of him!

Not too many people can boast of picking up a win against Terence Crawford in the ring. As a pro, he’s beaten all 36 of his opponents. But in the amateurs, he’s had a few slip ups. Crawfords record in the non paid ranks stood at 58-12, and by the time 2008 rolled around, he was the highest ranked Lightweight in the United States. 

Crawford picked up wins against future world champions in Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia, but amongst his 12 defeats was to current Welterweight contender Yordenis Ugas. 

After a decade plus since their last meeting, plenty has changed. But Ugas believes that the scoreboard will look the same regardless.

“I think I can win that fight,” said Ugas on Instagram Live. “We already fought in the amateurs, and I won 26-10. I think he’s a great fighter, and one of the best in the division. But so am I, and it would be a great fight together. I’ll be ready when boxing is back.”

Let’s see whether or not Crawford, 36-0(27) has any interest in avenging that amateur loss. If it came down to Crawford against either Brook or Ugas, which fight would you prefer to see? I have my mind made up, BOTH OF THEM or EITHER OF THEM! IN ANY EVENT PICK ONE OF THEM!


Yordenis Ugas has Shawn Porter running away from him and that “RUN IT BACK” rematch and he mangled Omar Figueroa into boxing retirement! These types of displays via fights and performances along with Terence Crawford’s unwillingness to fight Ugas along with the rest of welterweight division minus BIG Errol Spence puts you in what we know in boxing circles as “Boogey-Man” Status!

All in all, Terence Crawford has to fight either a Kell Brook, Yordenis Ugas or Shawn Porter type otherwise he risks being seriously questioned by boxing fans for hiding under the cocoon of Top Rank’s banner and they tell you there isn’t two sides of of streets?


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