Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has done a lot of nothing but talk his way out of the potential match-ups of Terence Crawford against Errol Spence Jr. and Manny Pacquiao in 2020. These fights won’t happen this year because Bob Arum hasn’t bend the proverbial knee to Al Haymon at the negotiation tables. In either fights, when Al used to promote Manny Pacquiao who is now with Paradigm Sports Management but previously with Premier Boxing Champions and Errol Spence who is still advised by Al with P.B.C. Boxing. Bob knows that Bud doesn’t command 50/50 in any of these highly rated fights so Bob’s willingness to negotiate this both blatantly and boisterously is short sighted among other things.

Bob Arum needs to at least concede to a minimum of 45/55 split not in the favor of his fighter if he wants any chance of effectively negotiating fights with either Pacquiao or Spence due to them being the current two biggest names in the Welterweight Division. So if Terence Crawford is willing to fight anyone as his promotional banner (Top Rank) has stated then he would command 50/50 effectively if he was or is willing to step into the ring with the likes of a Kell Brook or Shawn Porter.

These kinds of fights would let fight fans know that he is both serious at contending at this weight class and he wants “All That Smoke” like he is supposedly indicating. This leads anyone with even a shred of sense to believe that he is displaying “Chihuahua 🐢 #Grrrrr Barking Behind The Damn Fence”, kind of tendencies as he just wants to get out of his bed and don’t brush his teeth i.e. do no heavyweight lifting in fighting litmus test opponents so he can just can be fresh for Errol Spence or Manny Pacquaio all while they have the burden of fighting the hard fights.

This has been typical behavior displayed by Top Rank whenever they want to perform the usual “Bait and Switch” tactics. Basically give the impression they want tough competition but yet settle for the Jeff Horns’, Amir Khans’ & Mean Machines’ of the worlds instead. Is Terence Crawford’s next opponent “Green Dodo”? This has been Terence Crawfords’ M.O. and a lot of boxing fans question both his boxing resumes at 147 as well as 140.

So when Bob Arum, Terence Crawford get really, really serious and stop the we want all willing competitors lip service jargon then this is when real boxing fans will start to take him seriously. If you haven’t been living under a rock or crawled literally out of a hole then you can see that Bob Arum has notoriously for generations scheme folks into believing that his stock of fighters like a Terence Crawford as more then “Meets The Eye”.

Is Terence Crawford a talented fighter? YES! But his true measure of being a fighter at the welterweight division is in serious question due to him continually fighting bottom feeder opponents. Until he fights the upper echelon in the division like Danny Garcia, Yordenis Ugas, Keith Thurman, etc. then he is what he has been below which is a “Chihuahua 🐢 #Grrrrr Barking Behind The Damn Fence.”

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