Houston Rockets point guard Russell Westbrook put out that he tested positive for the virus prior to the team leaving for Orlando, Florida.

Westbrook, co-star James Harden and current acquistion Luc Mbah a Moute didn’t accompany the Rockets to ESPN World Sports Complex in Walt Disney.

The NBA reported COVID-19 test results Monday. Of 322 players tested since appearing in the Walt Disney bubble, two were positive and have left the campus to quarantine at home or in quarantine housing. The league said that since July 1, 19 players have tested positive.

“The numbers are only going to continue to rise if the NBA doesn’t address this situation accordingly by shutting down the NBA season as they should and take it seriously!” -HKHS

Coach Mike D’Antoni said Sunday he wished that all three of his affected players would be able to make it at the NBA bubble in Disney World in the next three or four days. The Rockets had refused to describe grounds for the players’ AWOL status.

“These are things that people are dealing with,” D’Antoni said.

The players will have to sequester in their rooms for 48 hours after their arrival before practicing with the Rockets.

“Ouch, so let me get this straight?!?! These affected players will get in contact with their respective and personnel in a few days after contracting the virus? The NBA’s safety planning for this Global Pandemic is atrocious! This further confirms why Adam Silver needs to grow a spine and just shut the NBA season down. This NBA season shouldn’t be about LeBron James and his sole intention of graduating to an abysmal 4 out of 10 abysmal 40% NBA Finals Avg! He will still be 10% short of the NBA Pantheon of Greatness 50% or higher threshold for Mount Rushmore appropriate rankings!-HKHS

D’Antoni said the three players were working out “at their home bases,” and he expressed optimism that their delayed arrivals wouldn’t have a significant impact on the Rockets, particularly once the playoffs begin.

The Rockets are also lacking forward Bruno Caboclo, who inadvertently broke the initial quarantine period, sources told ESPN, and must remain in his room for eight more days before joining team activities.

“This further proves HKHS point! Players aren’t even subjecting themselves to proper sequestering once they have contracted the virus. This tells you why the NBA is way, way off in their belligerent inflated EGO to continue business as usual but not being mindful of the NBA populace and the majority at 80% who happens to be black? So much for COVID-19 safety protocols or actually caring of the B.L.M. Movement! The NBA like this year’s NBA Title are looking fradulent, fluky and on the on spot out here in these basketball streets! It’s beyond pathetic! The league has taken a major hit and the sad part is they don’t even know they have until it will be too late for them! So more NBA players and lives will have to be stake for the NBA to get the message then? SMH!” -HKHS

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