His biography on the official NBA website states: “By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.” Each time he stepped onto the hardwood, he displayed sheer grace along with one of a kind killer instinct that only the late great Kobe Bryant shared alongside him that made them second to none! They both were basketball players like no other! MJ23 has given KB24 the ultimate nod by saying he is the only one that can beat him one on one on the basketball court. HKHS agrees wholeheartedly with that statement as both players have successfully mastered the game of basketball! The proverbial Ol’Gs of the game as we say neighborhood playgrounds! There should be two logos in the NBA and these two fit the bill!

Black Mamba🐍 : KB24
His Airness 😛: MJ23

“The Last Dance” documentary has been nothing short of remarkable showcasing the Chicago Bulls epic run to the top till their tumultuous demise by the hands of the late Jerry Krause. Who was both bitter and jealous about “Da Bulls” being every bit of MJ’s squad as opposed to his own. He indeed has the sort man’s complex so there was a bit to prove. But he couldn’t compete with MJ’s appeal, charm and overall swag to dominate both on and off the court. Everyone wanted to be like Mike! He was and still is a global icon that was no competitors except for maybe again (Kobe Bryant) whose passing away back on January 26th, 2020 via Helicopter Crash along with his daughter Gigi Bryant and seven others proved that like Mike his imprint is beyond the game.

“The Last Dance” documentary has given the NBA a much needed heartbeat and once again MJ23 has saved the NBA’s marketability strikingly through this documentary since the league is at a standstill due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). MJ23 and the Chicago Bulls dynasty was legendary for those who were in Chicago to experience it firsthand along with Bulls fans. I considered myself the biggest Bulls fan there was. I emulated MJ’s fadeaway on the playground courts and I mastered it myself to a level that MJ23 if he met me in person would’ve given his stamp of approval. I learned that his unstoppable move gave me like it did him the necessary separation from the defender as you could feel the defender with your legs. There was so many variations on how to use it. i.e., (fadeaway to the left, fadeaway to the right, double fadeaway, fadeaway and pop, fadeaway and pump fake, fadeaway and up and under, fadeaway and stop on the dime, jab step fadeaway, fast fadeaway etc.) All in all, it is a lethal move to have at your disposal if you know the true mechanics behind it. Famous NBA players who used MJ’s fadeaway in their own ways are as follow: Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Glen Robinson, Tracy McGrady, Jamal Mashburn, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, etc.

MJ’s lasting legacy was in Absolution (never losing in the NBA Finals). When you win this way being 100% in NBA Finals Avg. with a 6 for 6 record and never letting any NBA Finals series going to 7 games all while winning 6 NBA Finals MVPs along with these unprecedented feats. No other NBA player can boast being undefeated on the highest stage of basketball! This is what is known as true NBA GOAT status material, not the gripings of an abysmal a 3 for 9 abysmal NBA Finals avger and performer saying I knew I was the NBA GOAT when I beat the 73-9 team. Being a GOAT is a not self-proclaimed title. It has to be bestowed by you from others i.e. your peers, media and NBA fans alike! MJ has been given this universal crowning so he stands alone the NBA standard bearer for excellence.

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