“As Tris Dixon wrote recently, “He is meticulous yet aggressive, clinical but watchable. He’s patient but forceful. He remembers to work the body and also dazzles with shots upstairs. As with any true talent, the exciting part is seeing what happens when they match up against someone of similar ability.”

“Tris’s assessment of Errol Spence is prevalent of a MEGALODON 🦈 running through prey i.e. GUPPIES 🐟 aka welterweights or in this case with Mikey Garcia make pretends “daring to be great” 🗣. He learned very, very quickly on March 16, 2019 that he didn’t belong in the ring with Errol “The Truth” Spence. He looked like a true Human Pinata looking to be popped by Errol Spence’s barrage of 1200 plus punches of punishment. Lil Mikey hasn’t been the same fighter since that pummeling. He hasn’t figured out what weight class he should fight in consistently. Like Derrick James said, “When you fight Errol Spence for 12 rounds straight you don’t end up being the same fighter thereafter!” -HKHS

“Manny Pacquiao should be ashamed of himself for fighting a fighter like a Mikey Garcia who isn’t even a legitimate welterweight. Manny Pacquiao has two choices and it’s simple! Floyd Mayweather embarrassed him vehemently back in 2015 so that 🚢 has 🌊ed! He won’t be rematching Manny Pacquiao so he needs to fight a hungry younger 🦈 in Errol Spence or he should step to the side in AARP Retirement Pacman style and hand over the WBA Super Championship Belt. Because his belt holder status is holding up the Undisputed status at 147! Every fight fan wants to 👀 the SuperFight for the Ages between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford as 👀n 👇🏾!-HKHS

However in a video interview with Fight Hype, Mikey Garcia talks a bit about what he’s got on his plate and what’s the next move he’s trying to make in boxing — which is still a fight against Manny Pacquiao. Check out some excerpts below…

Mikey Garcia about a prospective fight against Manny Pacquiao: “We don’t know yet.We were talking, you know, to Team Pacquiao earlier in the year, before my fight with Jesse, and, you know, they were excited to possibly get a fight with me. But this whole COVID situation came down on everybody and it really slowed down things. So we don’t know if that’s still gonna be the plan for Manny. I mean, he’s got a lot of options too.

“It’s been a year since he last fought so who knows if he still wants to fight me next, or maybe he wants to fight somebody else. I haven’t spoken to the team in a long time, so I have no clue. I would love to get a fight with Manny…I think that would be a terrific fight, styles make fights and I think that would be great, not only for me but I think the fans would really enjoy it. I hope we can clear this whole thing soon, for everybody to get healthy and not be afraid of the virus. Hopefully the develop some kind of vaccine or something that can really control this and help.

“And when that does (happen), the first thing we’re gonna do is try to push for a Manny fight. That’s the goal on my agenda.” On how he would approach a fight with Pacquiao: “I feel that I would be able to box and counterpunch, use my skills that way to try to make the fight in my favor. If I stayed in the pocket and trading punches, I think that would be a mistake. I gotta be able to move, I gotta be able to dodge punches, I gotta be able counter, I gotta punch in combination to those counters, similar to the way Juan Manuel Marquez fought. “If I stayed and tried to trade punches with him, I think he would overwhelm me with punches because he punches in five-six-seven punch combinations and moves around different angles. So I’m not gonna do that. I think I would box, try to box effectively on the outside and then counterpunch in combination. I think that’s the key to a fight with Manny.”

All in all, Mikey Garcia is delusional and Manny Pacquiao has 🦆ed Errol Spence four straight times. Such as the examples:

-First starting with when Spence called him out immediately after the Mikey Garcia fight?

-Second when Pacquiao named his four opponents and Spence was purposefully omitted.

-Third when Freddie Roach told Pacquiao to not fight Spence now because Roach said Spence looked like Mayweather in that Garcia fight. Spence look to big and strong for Manny as Roach told Pacquiao! So it’s not wise to fight Spence that Roach advised Manny to not take on that very dangerous fight at this stage of his career!

-Fourth when Pacquiao tried to get Spence after the accident but then after he saw Spence jogging and back down to 158 to 160 a few months later he got scared and he now wants to fight Spence’s leftover Garcia all of a sudden! So what you said was a monologue for no reason! The reasons I gave you can be verified if you look for them! So all in all Pacquiao 🦆ed Spence four times and he needs to step aside or fight Spence. Because he is an AARP fighter at welterweight. He is holding up the Undisputed Bout between Spence vs Crawford!

“After all, Manny Pacquiao and Mikey Garcia belong with one another because one is 🦆ing Errol Spence and the other is Errol Spence’s leftover! A matrimony 🥊 fit for two fighters that have one similar common denominator: Errol “Big 🦈” Spence! It’s as simple as that, now two way around it!” -HKHS

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