“If ya’ll believe that shit you a fool..2012 I KO’d chris chatman in a 10 round fight who was 15-1 at the time. Thank U PBC for saving us Black Fighters RT @realRollingPin: Hey @TwinCharlo, how do you feel about Oscar’s little “story” about promoting you?” – Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“Back then i can tell how much value @OscarDelaHoya had for US. We ran in the category of “let’s build them up to tear down, but little do he know i was a conscious fighter, Ready to Prove My Worth. The RIsk Was Greater than the reward. His excuse is he had 100 fighters ✊🏾.” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“Ain’t No Bouncing Back When You Still Doing The Same Thing To The Current Black Fighters You Got..GO ASK ANY OF THEM HOW THEY FEEL, nvm they’ll feel biting the hand that’s giving bird seed but. 🀫..Little do they know somebody willing to help them grow!!! ✊🏾” @OscarDelaHoya -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“Ain’t No Bitch Over Here Can’t Nobody Take Me. I’m Not You, I Seen better for my career & was conscious enough and dip so I can provide for my family..RT @realRollingPin : Hey @TwinCharlo, how do you feel about Oscar’s little “story” about promoting you?” -JermellCharlo @TwinCharlo

“So many quiet black fighters suffering now and suffered during the time GBP was up, IDGAF IMMA SPEAK ON IT.. I WORK FOR ME, Dude don’t fuck with ✊🏾.. he might do business but when it comes to his heart it ain’t pure..” @OscarDelaHoya -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“why u mad, those are good match up both parties want..find another excuse RT @KingJPena: @TwinCharlo @OscarDelaHoya That’s how Mexicans must feel about Haymon, throwing Mikey with Spence, and now talking about throwing Leo in with Tank smh.” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“got nothing to do with RG..i’m speaking my career, tune in NEW FAN BOY RT @PCJacob4: @TwinCharlo @OscarDelaHoya Damn jermell still trying to recruit Ryan Garcia. -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“he emphasize that I was talking shit but I was only trying to speak facts of what I know RT @PCJacob4: @TwinCharlo @OscarDeLaHoya Damn jermell still trying to recruit Ryan Garcia.” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“you know i didn’t give a fuck..I took what i could, when i fought Demetrius Hopkins (33-1) the nephew to Oscar’s business partner June 6 2013. What was my chances?. Odd was against me..felt some type of way then.. @OscarDeLaHoya. I was 20-0 23 yrs old, still made less than 100k.” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“BEEN PATIENT IN THE GAME..REAL VET HERE.. SINCE 07′ ” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

let me tell ya”ll something that motivated me when I was with @OscarDeLaHoya, @GoldenBoyBoxing They never signed my twin brother and I always wanted to be promoted by the same company along side of my twin. I was told the more i win the bigger his chances of getting signed.. ✊🏾-Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“they still never signed him but he hopped on a few of the undercard cuz of me, but it wasn’t enough. But just imagine what i dealt with personally when it comes to how my twin felt. It was only right I GET THE FUCK OUT THAT SHIT..we had like almost 8-9 fight difference.✊🏾🦁” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“You not paying attention, MY BROTHER STILL NEVER GOT SIGNED. RT @TheKidlrv24: @TwinCharlo Crazy that Mall got signed after you, was champ before you n fought trout before you. When’s the big fight coming champ?? We need a unification ASAP.” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

“isn’t that my promoters fault? πŸ˜‚βœŠπŸΎπŸ¦ RT @JeevKatig1992: @TwinCharlo @OscarDeLaHoya Nobody knew u back then… Get the fuck out’a here u hyped up idiot…. Rename ur company “Pussies Only” -Jermell Charlo @TwinCharlo

In conclusion, HKHS has been telling everyone that there are “Double Standards Associated with Boxing” especially as it pertains to Black Fighters ✊🏾πŸ₯Š. The Charlo Brothers have experienced racism and less then due to the fact that they aren’t as fair skinned as a Canelo Alvarez. Canelo has ducked both of Lions Only brothers and “Reverse Bias aka Detractors aka Panderers have given Canelo the ducking vantage point. This is what is corrupt with the dark sport of boxing, it’s a “3 Prong Monster: 1. Economics πŸ’΅, 2. Politics πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ and 3. Pugilism πŸ₯Š.” When boxing fans open their πŸ‘€s and come to this conclusion then there will be the perfect upheavel to get things pushing in the right direction for the fights to happen that boxing fans are clamoring for i.e. (Alvarez vs Charlo).

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