Gervonta Davis – One of the Cash 🐄s in 🥊 alongside Errol Spence, Charlo Brothers & Deontay Wilder!

Gervonta “Tank” Davis has so much upside and virtually no downsides when he faces Leo Santa Cruz on Showtime PPV on Saturday. Davis is organically bigger. He’s organically stronger. He’s organically quicker. He’s more youthful, and though Santa Cruz has had a stellar career, Davis’ abilities could no doubt find him on the pound-for-pound list at very soon. Why isn’t he already on there?

“Is a stretch of HKHS’s imagination 🤔! But remember, 🥊is a 3 Prong Monster : ‘ECONOMICS, POLITICS AND PUGLISIM!’ Don’t let anyone else tell you in ‘CASUAL’ fashion otherwise!” -HKHS

And even though Davis is easily the betting favorite, Davis has had some weight issues multiple times in the past few years. This is due to him previously taking for granted the discipline nature of 🥊 that has to match your physical prowess. But after spending this entire training camp in Mayweather’s home, Tank realized that he needs to purge any chinks in the armour as competition stiffens i.e. Leo Santa Cruz! Who is looking to employ the ‘BUSY MAN’S’ tactic to make Gervonta 🏊🏾‍♂️ in deep 🌊s! So one way to counter this is my making sure you aren’t blowing up in weight in between fights! So this was worked on in leagues and droves especially for this camp! Money Mayweather wasn’t having no sluggish behaviors on his watch. Not from his most prized possession fighter in his stable of Mayweather Promotions in ‘Tank Davis!’

Making matters even more important for Davis is that he’s headlining a PPV card for the first time in his career. Especially in today’s climate, boxing TV ratings have been lackluster in large due to the global pandemic and the Charlo brothers PPV last month reportedly performed well given the aforementioned circumstances and showcased their cash cow ability much like Tank’s. The question with Davis is not if but when he becomes a PPV star, and Saturday will go a long way towards building that equity in his favor to the point where no matter what forecast we’re in ‘Tank’ doesn’t have to worry about buy rates or TV ratings.

Due to him being appealing to the masses even though he is a man of ‘few words!’ Terence Crawford although it’s too late, he could learn a thing a two on how even when a fighter doesn’t say much just having the right team around you can literally mean the 🌍 for your superstar appeal!

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis Vs. Leo Santa Cruz: Odds, Records, Prediction

“I’m not looking at it as pressure. My pressure is going out there and putting on a good performance,” Davis told me earlier this month. “I just have to do what I have to do in the ring. That’s what I’m worrying about. I know my name holds weight. I know people will tune in. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about putting on a great performance.”

Santa Cruz, of course, is looking for the same. And just because he’s an underdog, that doesn’t mean he can’t pull off the upset. If he’s aggressive and throws plenty of punches per round, which is basically always his gameplan, and can tire out Davis, there’s always the chance for Santa Cruz to score the best win of his career.

“I have the heart of a Mexican warrior,” Santa Cruz said. “My dad has told me to fight a smart fight, but even though he’s going to say that, there’s a good chance I end up brawling with him at times. No matter what, we’re going to find a way to beat him.”

Here’s everything you need to know to watch Davis vs. Santa Cruz on Showtime PPV ($74.99) at 9 p.m. ET on Saturday night. This fight is well worth the PPV buy it is asking and then some! Due to Mayweather Promotions understanding that in 🥊 when you pair a ‘Black vs Mexican Fighter’ it is 🎆!


Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis Vs. Leo Santa Cruz odds

Davis is a -800 favorite, in transition you’d have to wager $800 to win $100, while Santa Cruz is +525 (earn $525 on a $100 bet). So, even if you want Davis to be victorious in this fight, it’s probably not in your favor to risk the wager on his money line. I wouldn’t mind adding other bets to it, though from fiscally 🤓 perspective!

If you were looking for an exciting opportunity for this weekend’s action of boxing (and this is only HKHS’s opinions and not expert final say), I might take Davis’ money line of -800, Oleksandr Usyk by decision (+137) vs. Derek Chisora and Naoya Inoue to knock out Jason Moloney in rounds 1-4 (+250). If all of those wagers were to win, you’d net $835 on a $100 wager. That is of course you are a betting man or woman!👌🏾💯

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says there are too many titles in boxing, ahead of Gervonta Davis-Leo Santa Cruz fight

This is not good for the sport of boxing,” Mayweather said. “Now when a fighter fights, every fighter is a champion.”

“We gotta clean the sport of boxing up,” Mayweather added. “This don’t look good.”

Mayweather’s comments come swiftly thereafter the a lightweight unification fight between Teofimo Lopez and Vasiliy Lomachenko. Lopez won the fight via unanimous decision which is upsurd due this being a highly controversial win! Loma was robbed 😤 or at worst it was a draw! Meaning the ‘Elder Statesman’ should’ve retain his belts with a ‘RUN IT BACK MODE’ rematch enacted even though there is no rematch clause. Judie Lederman’s scorecard of 119-109 in that fight just shows you how corrupt 🥊 entirely is! As you can 👀 HKHS is still amped up from that Loma vs Lopez sham of a fight! 🥊 should be ashamed of itself for getting a fight call soo wrong! In any event it was billed as the undisputed champion wrongfully when it should’ve be billed as a lineal due to Devin Haney having the current WBC Super Championship Belt. But clearly the victor of this bout has bragging rights after maintaining the 🦁 share of belts after collecting the WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, and The Ring lightweight titles. The fact that the ‘SUPER DUPER HYPE JOB VARIATION’ has it is all the more why Gervonta Davis should fight em sooner then later and take all of the belts!

Mayweather also believes that the only reason for multiple belts is so that each sanctioning body can collect more money from sanctioning fees.

“Ain’t no such thing as super champion,” Mayweather said. “You guys are just taking extra money from all these fighters [by] getting extra 💰 from sanctioning fees.”

All in all, HKHS agrees emphatically with Floyd Mayweather’s astute assessments and observations about boxing having way, way too much going on in belts department which is making it harder for these fighters. Floyd Mayweather is T.B.E.. So like what Michael Jordan mean to sport of 🏀, this is also what Floyd Mayweather mean to sport of 🥊. So everyone has no choice but to go sitdown somewhere and #HiggityHush 🤫🤐 and pay attention & just simply put listen when this man speaks! That’s the coldhearted, unadulterated and cutthroat truthtelling fashion!

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