The Errol Spence Era has officially begun since the Mikey Garcia fight. Floyd Mayweather was the previous standard bearer in boxing. He was the boxing machine inside the ring via (undefeated record, defensive wizardry) and outside the ring via (outlandish spending & emblazing personality).

Errol Spence on the other hand is another boxing machine inside the ring via (undefeated record, punishment specialist) and outside the ring via (charismatic personality & humble charm). This is the caveat that gives Spence the Mayweather advantages minus his braggadocious extragravance & lifestyle.

Errol Spence has blended two fighting cultural styles together. Mexican come forward style i.e. parrying punches in at least four directions which inhibits him from taking much punishment by his opponents, along with the African slickster style on the back foot i.e. moving back off the pivot on the ball of his back foot, turning his hip and knee forward as his right hand swipes up from his hip. He is able to change angles in this fashion and then he is right back in position to re-fire off again on his opponents. Each time these special skills are on display, the crowd gets bigger and bigger. As the saying goes, “Man Down, Strap Season!”

After all they call him The Truth because there is no lies in his fist! Let me say that again, they call him The Truth because there is no lies in his fist! This makes Errol Spence a cut from a different cloth as a fighter and propels him into Rock-Star status!

This has become evident especially after his last bout back on September 28, 2019 which was by far was the best fight of that year. Spence displayed another masterful performance in defeating Shawn Porter via 9 to 3 Rounds including a full reprieve 11th Round knockdown or at worst like Bob Arum said, “8 to 4 Rounds.” He beat Porter by out-brawling the brawler. Staying in the phone booth of the ring and going toe to toe with Shawn whose style won’t allow anyone to outbox him.

Much like his previous fight against Mikey Garcia when he out boxed and out countered him for a 12 round punishment session where Mikey was hit literally everywhere. This has been the second time that Spence beat an opponent at this own style. He is now the current IBF and WBC unified welterweight champion! This makes him the most decorated welterweight as of date.

Spence’s comeback is going to answer a lot of questions for fight fans especially after this Social Distancing / Global Pandemic time frame. He has a litany of options at his disposal in terms of opponents to choose from. From Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter (again), Yordenis Ugas, Manny Pacquaio & Terence Crawford, etc. Basically Spence has his pick of the liter and this alone gives him superstar status at 147.

Spence’s willingness to fight a top opponent at 147 instead of fighting a tune-up immediately after facing personal adversity tells you everything you need to know about both his personal confidence & mental fortitude. Which was embedded theology inherited from his upbringing courtesy of his parents Errol Spence Sr & Debra Spence from Desoto, Texas.

What he learned from his hard working parents has given him much needed strength as a adult who like the rest of us isn’t perfect in life as showcased by his car crash accident, a willingness to rise to the occasion and get past this time through an abundance mindset cultivated from his indomitable will that failure isn’t an option.

Spence will come back a bigger, faster & stronger and more importantly hungrier fighter when he steps once again into the square circle. Spence will continue to dominate his foes but the difference is he won’t take anything for granted. His recent uploads on Instagram of him watching his previous bouts ala the Chris Algieri fight which was a reminder of past glory of a 40 yard football dash sprint from one side of the ring to next to get his opponent out of there was memorable. All in all, The Legend of Errol Spence continues! The Big Fish 🦈eats all of the little guppies🐟!

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