In all of 🥊, now and throughout its long history, there has been one simmering division that screams out, “👀 at Me!” No, it’s not the heavyweights. 👀 no further than the welterweight division’s plentiful and never wavering crop of champions.

Currently there is “AARP Retirement 👴Pacman” : Manny Pacquiao, the oldest crowned WBA champ, Terence “Chihuahua 🐶 Barking Behind the Damn Fence” Crawford of the WBO, past times belt holders like Danny “🍒 Picking” Garcia, Keith “🏃🏾‍♂️ Time” Thurman, Shawn “🥵💩ed” Porter, Yordenis “🇨🇺 👻” Ugas and Kell “Special K” Brook who is always motivated to back down to 147 to prove a point that he is still a true litmus for anybody not named “Mr. Free 💨 Jr”.

Spence, Jr.’s goal is to dominate the division then having the Super-fight of the Ages against Crawford, for top honors. Right now Crawford is rated No. 3 in Ring Magazine’s Top Ten Boxers list behind Lomachenko and Alvarez. Spence, Jr. is No. 6 and climbing.

“This is a lifetime dream,” Spence said. “It shows hard work pays off. … Shawn Porter is a rough and awkward fighter. I didn’t get off what I wanted to. He’s a true champion. He made it tough … (but) all my punches have bad intentions.”

Porter’s unorthodox, warlike style pick on the favored Spence into many savage exchanges, starting with a electrifying stretch of the third and fourth rounds. The pace rarely waned for the rest of the bout, with Porter persistently constipating a tough fight.

But Spence knocked down Porter with a spectacular left hand to the head with a minute left in the 11th round. The punch made Porter bend the proverbial knee and rolled his eyes back, but his mitts touched the canvas and he needed a full reprieve to get the fight back. “He’s a real good fighter,” admits Spence, 29, from his training camp in Dallas. “I’m prepared for him coming forward or backing up. “It’s just not about the battle and not about the skills. It’s about smarts and I’m smarter than him.” “When asked if he sticks to his earlier prediction that he will knock out the never-before-stopped Porter, he simply answers, “Definitely!”

The boxing world was put on notice of Spence, Jr. when he went across the pond in 2017 to face jagged Kell Brook (36-1; 26 KOs) in his upbringing of Sheffield, England for the IBF title. He made him in the 11th round. The best have to fight the best no matter where they may live.

“That fight [in England] meant a lot to me because fighters [today] don’t [travel],” he declares. “I was fighting the best fighter in the division, going to a foreign territory, his country. It shows a lot about myself, my mentality and my grit.”

And he showed it in his bout against Brook. He took some good shots, showed a strong chin, dropped Brook in round 10 and worked him over with his trademark stinging body shots. Think of a Marvin Hagler 2.0 doing body snatching work!

In his last fight against four-division champ Mikey Garcia (39-0; 30 KOs), the reigning WBC lightweight champ, Spence pitched a tactical shutout on all three scorecards in front of over 47,000 fans in the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium.

His critics said he couldn’t out-box Garcia … then BOOM— he did.

Spence Jr., right, plans to clear out the division.
Spence Jr., right, plans to clear out the division. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Spence, Jr. is on a mission like a MEGALODON 🦈 in three variations.

“When I first started out my goal was to retire with my brain intact and money in my pocket,” he states without humor. “Now, I want to be one of the best fighters and an all-time great. I want to be the undisputed welterweight and super welterweight champ of the world.”

He seems to be following the game plan of Sugar Ray Leonard who went through multiple divisions en route to an International Boxing Hall of Fame induction.

The third part of his goal is to clear out the talented depth in the welterweight division. Spence, Jr.’s manager, Al Haymon, who has won the Boxing Writers Association of America’s Manager of the Year Award five times, has his charge ready to go through the division.

Next up as Mr. ManDown line em up is Danny Garcia, Manny Pacquiao & Terence Crawford. The choices are endless.

“There’s more talent in the welterweight division and super welterweight division then there are in the heavyweight division,” notes Spence, Jr.

“I’m not surprised to hear him say that because I know his mentality. I know who he is as a person,” says Porter, extremely confident, about his former friend. Yes, they were friends, but this fight is strictly business. “He’s very, very driven and competitive and I get that.

Porter’s game plan is always about applying relentless pressure.

“We’ll be rough, we’ll be hard, we’ll be rugged,” warns Porter. “We’ll keep pressure on him and we all know pressure bursts pipes.”

Spence, Jr. has heard it all. The talk, the babble and all he says is enough already.

“I have nothing more to say,” says the 29-year-old. “Talking is over with. I’m tired of talking. When the ref says touch gloves, that’s when I’ll start talking again.”

A bit of a fashionista, Spence, Jr. likes to look good even though he earns his living in the ring. He decides to talk a bit more.

“I check the internet to see what looks good and try to find a nice suit, a matching tie and a nice pocket square,” says the father of daughters Ivy (3) and Violet (2). He also enjoys watching the Cooking Channel and likes to create in the kitchen also as much in the ring.

Spence: Rematch With Porter Has To Wait; I’ve Got A Lot Of Bigger Fish To Fry

“I’m not cooking anything,” he states, adding, “after the fight I’ll eat whatever fits in a brown paper bag.”

“Pure MEGALODONs don’t worry about nothing because they don’t have PREDATORS. THEY ARE THE PREDATORS!” -HKHS

“I know he’s been calling for a rematch, but unfortunately that’s gonna have to wait,” Spence said. “You know, I’ve got a lot of bigger fish to fry. You’ve got guys like Manny Pacquiao that I’ve been, you know, trying to fight. He the cash cow right now. He’s the cash cow. So, that’s a guy I definitely want.”

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