When you’re the ‘BIG FISH’ i.e. the ‘MEGALODON SHARK”, every desperate welter is looking for a ‘Cashout Slaughterhouse’ and is also looking for that money bag. Spence is in a very unique position as he is literally a ‘HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD’ boxer formerly known a ‘HIGH RISK, LOW REWARD’ boxer! Basically the risk has always been ‘HIGH’ and this due to “The Truth” being an “Era Filled Fighter!” The likes of such we haven’t seen since Andre Ward and Floyd Mayweather previous to that!

When you’re Errol Spence Jr and you haven’t fought since miraculously via GOD’s grace escaping any/or all serious injury from his car accident last fall. Yes ya”ll it has been an official calendar year! He learned the valuable lesson of life’s true meaningfulness and that time waits literally for no man! He is undefeated! So with Errol Spence understanding this he had to get back to his “ACHILLES” ways of training! He has two daughters and now a son on the way! These types of family transactions will re-evaluate his priorities and what life should reflect like when he’s maximizing all the physical gifts afforded to him as GOD has given him a second lifeline!

Even with the truth of the fact of the matter that Spence still is currently undefeated after 26 fights, 21 via knockout and 5 by decision, some supposed boxing aficionados have questioned whether he’ll be the same fighter against Danny Garcia. So this caused the man they call “The Truth” because there is no lies in his damn fists to refocus and rehone back into his skills of eating, shitting & sleeping, boxing!

Although Danny Garcia is what HKHS would call a “Second Tier” welterweight who is flatfooted, doesn’t let his hands go and has virtually minimal work rate. He still is the fifth best welterweight in the division. So Errol Spence has to be on his Achilles shit in order for him return back to his bulldozing and steamrolling ways of straight plowing through Danny Garcia. This won’t be an Achilles vs Hector type of fight due to a two-fold reason, Danny isn’t a Hector level opponent and Danny has a very bad habit of hoping to land the “Right Hand No Look Left Hook!” A Hail Mary punch can’t save this bonafide “Cherry” from the ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Steamroller’ by trade!

The other problem for Danny is Errol already had his Hector like opponent in Shawn Porter. That fight saw Errol like Achilles not at his best but yet he still made the opponent bend the proverbial knee! Because he fought a close phone book type of bout where he literally had to outbrawl the brawler! Errol basically has the mindset that he was better then Shawn so he just through his own personal admittance train lesser then his ultimate level and yet he still beat him. Of course that was a risk he took in doing that but he got the job done because he is well, ‘Special!’

With the whole boxing world keeping their eyes fixated at Errol Spence and his continual reign at 147. They are looking for a fighter who they once remembered like Achilles that is the ultimate weapon who has no competitors and when he’s at his best he just lords over and dominates his opponent.

HKHS expects that in True Alpha Extraordinaire govern by True Alpha Economics fashion that Spence will indeed relish this moment! He will make every effort to prove the doubters and naysayers wrong! This camp has been evident of Spence’s seriousness because he is already making good work of his sparring partners. Plus Spence is back at using camp as a fine tuning one and not him dropping massive weight just to be in fight shape!

HKHS expects a vintage Achilles performance from Errol Spence against Danny Garcia! Because when Spence is clicking on all cylinders, we are talking about a complete packaged boxer versus like he told Danny you’re a “One Gear” fighter. There is a huge gulf between these two: for the reason that Danny at his best can only boast he is one of best welters, whereas Spence can boast without fail he is one of the best boxers in the entire world. That leaves Danny in a very precarious situation for being a “Deep Water” Tune-Up for Errol Spence. Or like Spence said, “Tune His Ass Up!” Bottom line is HKHS sees this fight going one way: come Nov 21st, “Errol Spence gon pop Danny Garcia’s cherry!”

“That’s the cold-hearted, unadulterated and cutthroat truth telling fashion!” -HKHS

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