Adam Silver wears 🤓 but he can’t 👀 what is really going on!” -HKHS

Adam Silver has remain foolishly resolute in wanting the NBA to restart when he should’ve remained somber about the fact that the open air virus that attacks the lungs, i.e. (COVID-19) doesn’t have a cure in sight at the moment! There has been nothing but uncertainty and a no stimulus package plan on how Silver plans on dealing with this Global Pandemic for the NBA Restart Tournament taking place at the ESPN World Sports Complex in Walt Disney.

Nevertheless, so much is left up in the air, no pun intended about the pandemic, and plenty can happen either within the NBA or in Orlando, Florida, between now and when Game 7 of the 2020 NBA Finals would be played on Oct. 12 that planning ahead seems nearly impossible. For instance, the first round of testing for players came back and found 16 positive cases.

So there is a Ragnarok storyline playing out in which players and personnel get to go and play at the Walt Disney World with no known cases, but an outbreak is rising in exponential numbers in the surrounding vicinity they will playing for the next few months! This will lead Silver to have to again rethink this bottom line (money motivated) filled idea of restarting the NBA Season when lives are at stake!

The NBA’s failure to not work out a well devised plan through every scenario is preposterous. “The idea would be that if we had a single player test positive, frankly, whether that player was an All-Star or a journeyman, that player would then go into quarantine,” he recently explained on a conference call.

Adam Silver isn’t being emphatic to his 80% black populace of NBA Players he is the Commisioner for! “🤦🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ – HKHS

“We would then be tracking any players that that — or other personnel that that player had been in contact with and even potentially supplement the daily testing just to ensure that others had not been contaminated, but then we would continue.”

Silver previously stated that the NBA falsely resisted a positive coronavirus test within the bubble. Though in that example he didn’t undoubtedly say at which number that would change. He rehearsed that this week.

“Of course if the larger question you’re asking, if we were to have significant spread of coronavirus through our community, that ultimately might lead us to stopping,” Silver warned when asked about a potential outbreak.

“We’re working closely with the Players’ Association, with Disney and public health officials in Florida as to what that line should be, and it hasn’t been precisely designed. I think we just want to get down on the ground and start to see how our testing is working and how the protocols are working and then we’ll make decisions as we go.”

“Adam Silver, the ☝🏾 has to be ⬆️ right back at you for not taking COVID-19 more seriously! This NBA Season can’t continue under current circumstances it should be SHUTDOWN till further notice!”

Making conclusions as they go will need to be the name of the game operating forward for the NBA. With a pandemic that is this random, it’s unfeasible to figure out where the league will be three months from now.

Perhaps everything will go off without any difficulty. All positive cases would be dealt with prior to entering the bubble, players enter negative and they come out negative. We know better then that but the NBA has to be prepared for the alternative, and it seems they don’t have enough options to mitigate this second outbreak!

When it’s all said and done, the safety of everyone involved should be paramount. If at any point that safety is endangered, the right thing left to do is shut NBA season down once and for all, even if it means not having a 2020 NBA champion i.e. (LeBron James & Los Angeles Lakers).

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