TWIN Charlos in 🦁s Only fashion have become ‘🤴🏾s of the Jungle’ in their respective middleweight and junior middleweight divisions.

Houston, Texas, the one-two 👊🏾 started out together making their continual climbs of the 154 & 160 pound divisions – a feat both have knocked down and entered destiny’s 🚪 by achieving at the age of 30 what most of their peers let alone twins have been unable to achieve in boxing lore; which is both of them attaining 🗺 title fights on the self-same doubleheader 🌃.

The Charlo twins Jermall and Jermell have taken the boxing world by storm.

Upbringing & Amateurs

The Charlo Brothers were born in Lafayette, Louisiana, but were raised in Houston.

Jermell, the younger sibling, was birthed one minute later then his older sibling Jermall.

As adolescents they went to Alief Hastings High School in Houston and played two sports: football and basketball, but inevitably finding their ways towards the square circle.

TWIN Charlos grew akin to boxing when their father, former pugilist Kevin Charlo, would make a concerted effort to ensure his twin sons would frequently visit the local boxing gym to ensure they both had a productive, structured habitat so they would stay out of trouble.

In an interview with ShowTime, H-Town’s trainer Ronnie Shields said he used to 👀 the Twin Charlos in the gym religiously.

“I would train Evander Holyfield in Houston and I used to see Jermall and his brother Jermell in the gym every day and every single day they would say ‘you’re going to train us or what man?’” Shields said.

Along with Holyfield, Shields worked with boxing legends the likes of Mike Tyson and Pernell Whitaker.

Jermell rapidly elevated through the amateur ranks, capturing a bronze medal at the 2005 Junior Olympics at the teen age of 15.

After completing an amateur record of 56-8, Jermell decided to turn professional at the age of 17 back in the year of 2007.

As his younger sibling became pro, Jermall stayed on as an amateur with aspirations to compete in the 2008 Olympics.

But he sustained a toe injury at the time that kept him from that dream, he ended his amateur career in 2008 with a record of 65-6.

Jermell’s Pro Debut

Jermell started his professional career with a four-round unanimous decision victory over the previously unbeaten Corey Sommerville, whom he knock-down in the third round back on December 8, 2007.

Mell Charlo added onto his impressive start, in 2009 he KO’ed the formerly undefeated Abdon Alonzo in the 2nd round, making his record 10-0 w/ 5 KO’s.

On January 26, 2013, Jermell scored an 8th round KO over the likes of Harry Joe Yorgey.

That was followed by a UD win over Demetrius Hopkins, nephew of Bernard Hopkins, in June.

Jermell began his professional career on December 8, 2007, after picking up a knock out win over Corey Sommerville.

Reminiscing on the victory, Mell told Premier Boxing: “Yorgey was a major move in my career. He was 25-1.”

“Then you have Demetrius Hopkins and I had to have surgery before the fight because the commission said that my vision was so bad that I was legally blind.”

After scoring a KO victory versus prior champion Joachim Alcine, Jermell made the conscientious decision too part ways with his past longtime trainer Ronnie Shields in 2015 to hire on Derrick James, who also trained 147-pound 🌎 renowned current IBF and the ‘Newwww’ WBC unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr, a Desoto, Texas native himself through and through!

On May 21, 2016, the Charlo Brothers cemented history at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas when both TWIN Charlos completed that epic night acquiring championship belts around their waste.

In 2015, Jermell left long time trainer Ronnie Shields to work with trainer Derrick James.

Jermell won the WBC’s vacant 154-pound title after an 8th-round stoppage against John Jackson.

On the same card, Jermall scored a UD win over titleholder Austin Trout.

The brothers became the pristine twins to reign simultaneously in the same weight class at the same time. An unprecedented feat for TWINS in boxing which is even more rare and unique.

Jermell said after the wins: “We did it.”

“We made history. We’ve been boxing for all these years, and it had to happen.”

Jermall added: “It was great being the first twins to win titles in the same division, and I’m so proud of my brother. I knew he could get the job done.”

On December 22, 2018, in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Jermell lost his title to Tony Harrison by UD. This was a very troubling year for the one-half of 🦁s only.

 In May 2016, Jermell won the WBC’s vacant 154-pound title after an eighth-round stoppage against John Jackson
In May 2016, Jermell won the WBC’s vacant 154-pound title after an eighth-round stoppage against John Jackson.

Jermell said of the judges: “They took that fight from me.”

“I was pressing the action. He didn’t win that fight. I’m going to get my belts back.”

Jermell’s words was his bond when on December 21, 2019, he knocked Harrison down a whopping four times until the referee finally called the bout in the 11th round.

Jermell said afterwards: “I got that belt. It took me a while, and got in the 11th and I didn’t leave it up to the judges, I dictated, I dominated and I knocked him out.”

Jermall’s Pro Launch

One year after his younger sibling turned professional, Jermall had his first professional fight on September 12, 2009, with a 2nd round KO of Cimarron Davis.

Despite competing in his brothers shadow, Jermall went 12-0 with 8 KO’s.

The elder twin got his moment in April 2013 when he faced Mexican veteran Orlando Lora at the Alamodome in Texas on the undercard of the Austin Trout and Canelo Alvarez pay-per-view.

Jermall made his professional boxing debut on September 12, 2009.

The veteran was both outgunned & outmatched by Jermall, who dictated the whole bout by gaining at the time a 4th-round stoppage victory.

Under trainer Ronnie Shields, Jermall stayed busy & sharp by fighting four times in 2013, and winning all four.

He climbed to a 17-0 record, putting himself in position for a title shot.

On September 12, 2015, Jermall finally got his shot at the 154-pound title, going up against the champion Cornelius Bundrage.

Exactly seven years to the day he made his pro debut, Jermall picked up a third-round TKO over Bundrage to be crowned the champion.

Jermall’s second defense was a 12-round unanimous decision win over former champ Austin Trout on May 21, 2016, followed by a fifth-round KO over previously unbeaten Julian Williams in December of that year.

Jermall (L) announced his move to the middleweight division in 2017 and called out Gennady Golovkin, Daniel Jacobs and Canelo Alvarez.

Jermall said after the win: “I told everyone what I was going to do since the fight was announced. Williams just wasn’t on my level.

“I’m outing my life on the line again for my family to continue building my legacy as one of the best boxers in the world.”

In 2017, Jermall declared his willingness to shift to the middleweight division and announced himself as an instant ‘Lions Only’ problem to Gennady Golovkin, ex-champion Danny Jacobs and Canelo Alvarez.

He went on to showcase his uncanny lights out power when he picked up a KO victory over top-ranked challenger Dennis Hogan in late 2019.

Jermall (R) remains undefeated with a 30-0 record, while Jermell (L) holds a 33-1 record.

Jermall floored him in the fourth round and then went on to batter him until a left hook in the seventh dropped Hogan again, ending up with the referee calling the bout.

Jermall said after the fight: “I made it through 2019 and we’re going to 2020 with 20/20 vision!”

Twin Charlos’ Households & Jermell’s Legal Woes

Jermall is wedded with four sons while Jermell is a single father with a son.

Jermell’s son, Elijah, was born on Auust 22, 2009, during the beginning of his boxing career.

Soon after his victory over Vito Gasparyan in 2009, Jermell spoke about the birth.

 Jermell's son, Elijah, was born a two years after his professional debut on August 22, 2009
Jermell’s son, Elijah, was born a two years after his professional debut on August 22, 2009.

He said: “My son was born during the weight-ins, so I had to make weight, and then go and be with my son after the weight-ins.

“My father cut the umbilical cord for my son, because I wasn’t actually there. So he was born, then, I went and won the fight. That was a situation where there could have been a lot of adversity.”

ESPN reported in 2018 that Jermell was the defendant in a domestic violence case. He was in custody back on May 2018, after an alleged assault on a women whom he had been dating.

On June 19, 2018, a grand jury indicted Jermell on one count of third-degree felony assault toward a household member.

Jermell is a single father of one while Jermall is wedded with four sons.

According to the grand jury arraignment, Jermell allegedly squeezed Jazmyne Olison’s neck and forced her against a fence, floor and railing. He also allegedly pulled her hair.

The arraignment read: “Charlo committed the said offense by intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly impeding (Olison’s) normal breathing and circulation of blood by applying pressure to her throat and neck and by blocking her nose and mouth.”

On March 2019, a grand jury cleared Jermell on all charges related to the alleged attack after the three-day trail produced no evidence that matched the claims of assault.

Jermell remained silent throughout the trail until he finally spoke out after he was acquitted of all charges.

Jermell stayed mute throughout the trail, but spoke out after on his decision to not take a plea deal.

He told the Los Angeles Times: “This case, and the fear of losing my freedom and livelihood, has hung over me like a dark cloud for almost a year.

“I was offered a plea deal that I could not in good conscience accept because I wasn’t guilty. I’m happy that the jury did its job, and I want to thank them for that.”

Sept 2020 COVID Doubleheader

Charlo Brothers returned to the square circle back on September 26th as they defended their world titles in Connecticut.

Jermell (L) and Jermall (R) made their return to the ring back on September 26.

Undefeated Jermall increased his record to 31-0 by winning a one sided boxing clinic against Sergiy Derevyanchenko to hold onto his WBC middleweight belt.

But the wily Jermall weathered the storm to secure a comfortable unanimous decision.

The beatup Ukrainian made a surge to come back in the 12th but by then he was way too late.

After the bout, he said: “I executed the game plan. It was the biggest test of my career and I passed the test.

“I knew he was going to be tough, and I knew he was going to come to fight.

“I wanted to knock him out and make a statement. But getting through it and getting the decision was a statement in itself.”

On the 2nd half of this doubleheader it was Jermell’s turn, as he went up against 20-2-1 Dominican Jeison Rosario.

His WBC light middleweight title was on the line as he took on the 25-year-old.

But he left the ring having emphatically earn an eighth-round stoppage, dropping his opponent with a vicious left jab.

Jermell walked away Rosario’s WBA (Super) and IBF light middleweight titles in the process. Thereby making the younger Charlo twin (Mell) a junior middleweight lineal champion.

He said: “I definitely proved that I’m more than just a puncher, but I’m also a puncher!” Floyd Mayweather called out ahead of comeback by Jermell Charlo who says – ‘Best believe he’s going to fight me first’

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